Computer Issues

So, I was hoping to really start blogging soon, as I feel it could be something I really enjoy, but my first post isn’t going to be about Games at all, but about the furstrations I’m having with my PC at the moment. Here’s my problem:

When I go to turn on my computer, 90% of the time it restarts right as it gets to the Windows XP login screen. So far, I haven’t entirely been able to figure out why. Then tonight, I got fed up and decided to get online on my PS3 instead. Well, it couldn’t find a connection to my wireless router. I decided maybe I’d try and restart the router, so I did. On a hunch, I also decided that since the router was restarting (and I had been without internet all night apparently because it had bugged up) that I would try to turn on my computer again. Low and behold, it worked.

So, I’m wondering if anyone out there knows if this could be the issue with my computer restarting. I have a wireless card installed and that’s how I access the internet. Until I went back to using my wireless instead of a wired connection (updated a bad Firmware version on my wireless router and got my PS3, so I wanted to go wireless again) I never had any issues. Now, I’m guessing that if there’s no connection, the computer won’t turn on, and if there is, it will. Anyone else experienced this before and know how to fix it? Any help would be appreciated.



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