We Don’t Serve Your Kind Here!

As most people who know me in game will vouch, I’m not one who cares what others do. By that I mean, I don’t care if the botters bot, if the gankers gank, or if the gold buyers and sellers buy and sell, as long as they’re not interfering with other’s gameplay. To each his own.

Trust me when I say that I know there are plenty of opposing points of view on this topic. Some will say that any of these activities hurt the game in a negative way. You’re right, in their own ways they do. But they don’t truly interfere with me having fun in the game, therefore I don’t care. I play the games I play in order to have fun, not to stress out more over what others may, or may not, be doing.

If your biggest annoyance in an MMO is Gold Sellers, then Warhammer Online may be the game for you. Mark Jacobs over at Mythic has taken a firm stance on Gold Sellers, and let it be known that they are not welcome in the lands of WAR. I must say that it threw me off a bit to read that blog post.

I understand full well why Mark Jacobs and Mythic would take that stance. In fact, I actually find the world emotes funny. The only thing that worries me is the public humiliation that may happen if someone were to be falsly accused of Gold Buying or Selling. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. What if that mistake was a false accusation of one of your players, and paying customers, being involved in a bannable offense that they never commited.

The reason I bring this up is because on of my WoW guildmates was, in fact, falsly accused of “Exploiting the server economy” on our server and was given a 72 hour suspension, with the possibility of being banned. Problem was, he didn’t do anything. He just has a lot of gold because he’s max level and already has his Epic Mount. I’m not exactly sure what kind of transaction he took part it, but it had something to do with gearing up one of his alts and buying a lot of supplies for their tradeskills. He also donated 5000 gold to the guild bank. Within two hours of this he was kicked offline and suspended.

Upon contacting Blizzard, who “further investigated the incident,” they apologized and gave him a day of free gametime for the trouble. Well, if this had happened in WAR, his name would have been broadcast to the server as well, so everyone would think he was a Gold Seller. Now, I doubt that this has happened yet in WAR, as it’s still a VERY young game. But if they do continue to publicly announce the bans, mark my words, it IS going to happen. I can only imagine the can of worms that mistake will open.

On the upside, I must say I am glad to see that Mark Jacobs publicly spoke out on how some of the Gold Sellers tried to pay him, and Mythic, off and he told them to “Go To Hell.” I did get a good chuckle out of that one.


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