Laying Down the Ban(k)hammer

Kind of a sequal of sorts to my last post, I was reading this interesting blog post today at KillTenRats and now I’m curious…

If in a little over a week, Mythic has raked in an extra $200,000+ in revenue from banning gold farmers who turn around and buy another account…how much has Blizzard made in the last few years? At that rate, my guestimate would be well over $100 million. Who knows, maybe $1 billion?

I’m in the wrong line of work…


2 Responses to “Laying Down the Ban(k)hammer”

  1. We should note that Mythic does not get nearly that much unless it was all direct downloads, in which case they face the issues another commenter mentioned in terms of reversed charges. If you buy a $50 box at a store, some smaller chunk of that makes its way to the developers. After all, that store needs to make a profit, its distributors, the publisher, and then we might be back to the developer unless I missed a step. “EA Mythic” might combine those last two.

  2. You are correct. If it is a retail box, Mythic only sees a small portion of that. But it is still an insane amount of money they will make off of the effort of banning the Gold Sellers. Even if they only get $.10 a box that’s $20k in a week they pocketed. Not too shabby if you ask me.

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