Blizzard 2, MDY 0

In the second big story to break in the Blizzard vs. MDY lawsuit, MDY is now expected to pay $6 million in damages. If you don’t know about the lawsuit, the basic rundown is as follows: MDY Industries created WoW Glider (now MMOGlider). Blizzard is claiming that Glider is an infringment on their Copyright of WoW, because the Glider makes a copy of WoW in your systems RAM as one way to circumvent Warden.

The major issue with this case is that it is the first of its kind. No other lawsuit of this type, and especially on this big of a scale, has ever made it to court, let alone with what appears to be a complete knockout on the part of the Plaintiff. The thing that disturbs me the most about this lawsuit is the potential can of worms that Blizzard is opening up. Great, they don’t like botters in their game, but because of that, they are now basically paying to have courts create laws against it.

I cannot see this lawsuit ending well. The worst part is, this is only going to hurt the consumers in the end. As it stands right now, you are allowed to make copies of your own games. I don’t understand how Blizzard’s argument even holds up due to this. I remember writing a few papers about the DMCA in college, and all articles I found about it stated how you could own copies of your own music, movies, and software. It makes no sense that copying a program into the RAM of your computer actually breaks this law. There’s no illegal distribution involved. And now, we have to worry even more about our country “policing” the internet.

On Blizzard’s behalf, you know they need the money…

If you’d like to read up more about the first part of the lawsuit, check out this link.

If you’d like to read the actual legal documents, check out this link (PDF).

Feel free to post your comments and views on the subject below.


2 Responses to “Blizzard 2, MDY 0”

  1. xXJayeDuBXx Says:

    Very good point you make, and one I had not thought of.

    I guess my understanding of what a bot is or does is a little confused. If a bot is used for something like AFK grinding, I’m not overly opposed to it. But if bots are used to give one player an edge over another, i.e. speed or stat hacks, then I am very much against it.

    But after reading the first article and the comments, I agree with you, I don’t think this is going to end well either.

  2. To answer the confusion you may have, Glider is solely a bot for AFK grinding and was never able to provide any sort of speed, warp, or stat hack. While I’ve heard there are programs for WoW out there that do it, Similar to MacroQuest for EQ, Blizzard is pretty swift at finding and banning anyone who uses them. Their serverside checks for any sort of active hacks is fairly impressive. I’d love to be able to see the technology they use for all of it.

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