Probably the best…worst…kept secret in the gaming world is the LucasArts/EA/Bioware collaboration of a KotOR MMO. Well, now the time has come for LucasArts to “Officially” Announce the game.

They even sent out some nifty invitations. It would seem that October 21st is the day.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a Star Wars fan, and will definitely be fighting for a spot in the closed and open beta when those times come. I can’t wait to check out any game based in one of my favorite IPs.

Now, I’ve played SWG, pre-NGE and post-NGE and must say it is NOT a bad game by a longshot and I’m hoping that KotOR will not meet with the same fate. Although, I have a feeling that KotORO will far surpass SWG in content and popularity. Only time will tell.


One Response to “KotOR…O…”

  1. xXJayeDuBXx Says:

    I’m excited about the announcement. I think Bioware has their work cut out for them with the way SWG has been handled over the years, with fan expectations and with the whole Jedi thing as well.

    SWG is much better now than it was when the NGE hit. But being an old vet, I do miss the old pre-nge holo grinding days sometimes.

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