Blizzcon ’08

I’ve been trying to follow the news coming out of Blizzcon, as I am admittedly a big fan of Blizzard’s games. While my biggest hope of their announcement of their still unnamed MMO project never came to light, there was a lot of cool news to be had in their WoW class panel discussion.

I’ll let you read the article for yourself, but I think one of the coolest announcements came at the end of that article. They want to implement a Dual-Spec system so that classes can switch between two different Specs. I know I’d heard it rumored before, but never thought they’d actually do it. I for one cannot wait for this feature to hit the Live servers. There’ll be no more “Sorry, I’m specced Shadow” or something similar. If you play a priest (as I do), you can spec Shadow to do your dailies, quests, or PvP, then have a Dual-Spec set for those groups or raids in need of a healer! Great news in my opinion!


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