Going to WAR

So, I’ve done it. I’ve broken out of my current WoW shell. Having played EQ for almost 10 years and the whole time stating I would never go anywhere else, I jumped aboard the WoW bandwagon with some RL friends and WoW guildies. And it’s time for me to make a leap again. I’m going to WAR! Thanks to some insight by Sister Julie and Sister Fran at the No Prisoners, No Mercy Podcast, I’m giving a Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning a shot.

No, I’m not leaving WoW, not by a long shot (and I recently got into the first round of Stargate Worlds beta, but I can’t talk about it yet. =p). I want to give WAR the benefit of the doubt. I’ve been skeptical that it is just a WoW Knockoff, but it does intrigue me and has received tons of positive reviews. I look forward to reviewing it myself, when the time comes.


One Response to “Going to WAR”

  1. Hopefully you didn’t go to try the PvE content or the crafting, both are fairly mediocre. But if PvP is your thing, then as long as you don’t mind playing scenrios, you should have a great time!

    But I do enjoy the game!

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