WAR, Two Days Later

I’ve had two days now to start to get the know Warhammer Online, and I must say, I am enjoying it. It is a nice break away from WoW. I took some time to learn a couple of the classes and have been switching between my Bright Wizard and my White Lion. Both are a ton of fun. I still want to try out a Dwarf Ironbreaker and a Swordmaster, but I think I’m going to focus on the Bright Wizard as my main for now. The White Lion seems to be a lot more sturdy of a PvP choice though.

Overall the questing is what I came to expect. PvE isn’t much different than WoW, but I do like how the game has a built in “QuestHelper” of sorts that gives you the general vicinity of the quests. It’s nice being able to know right where to go without having to install any addons. The graphics are good too, although, I wish there were more options as I do get a bit of graphic lag every now and then. And the public quests are great. It’s an aspect that actually sets WAR above most of the others. Public quests pretty much force you to group and get to know your fellow gamers, which is an aspect I haven’t really seen in a game since Everquest. You could level up a character entirely solo if you’d like, but you do not have to, and it is encouraged that you group. Mythic even included an Open Party system to help with this.

RvR is a blast. While I was playing EQ, I had a few friends who were into DAoC and tried to explain RvR to me, but I never really got it. At the time, I had never played a game with good PvP. Now, about 8 years later, I get it. I must say that Mythic hit the nail on the head with their PvP system. It’s more about a goal instead of just grinding for gear.

There are a couple of negatives I have to put out there though. Firstly, the bugs. There’s not a lot (and my hats off to Mythic for one of the smoothest launches in gaming history). But I’ve been hit by the CTD bug a handful of times now. It’s just annoying waiting for the game to exit when this happens. For some reason (and this may be another bug) it takes at least 3-4 minutes of my computer freezing to actually exit the game. Another problem (and this is just more of an annoyance than anything), is that I, as an Order character, have not won a single Scenario. I don’t know if it’s just bad luck, but I’ve probably done at least 20 so far and I have lost every single one. Part of this is that Black Orcs seem to be vastly overpowered…so much so that it was what most of the Scenario Chat is about. I was getting rather sick of seeing people complaining about it instead of just teaming up and taking one down. I do hope, though, that this is something that plan on fixing at least a little bit. It shouldn’t take a whole group to take down a Black Orc when the Order side doesn’t have an equivalent class (that I’ve seen or heard of).

Overall though, WAR is fun. It may not be a WoW killer, but it is a nice alternative to the norm. If anyone else plays on Phoenix Throne, Order side, let me know.


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