I Agree…

Tobold made this post yesterday, and I have to say, it speaks loads of truth.

I logged into WoW last night, right into a horde of Zombies in Shattrath. Soon enough, I was one. When I finally died (I should say, blew myself up by accident) I decided to make a break for the flight master. Well, guess what…he was dead.

Now, I could have spent time complaining, but I didn’t. I took a step back and realized how unique an event Blizzard had created. It reminded me of some of the old Game Events in Everquest, like “The War” from a couple of years ago. To me, it is a great idea. Sure, it inconveniences you a bit, but if you take it for what it is — lore– then you can really get into the story.

Others didn’t see it as I did. There was constant complaining. It was in every channel in game. People just wouldn’t stop crying about it. The WoW Forums were overrun as well. Some people loved it, but most hated it.

My advice to those that can’t shut up and stop complaining: Get over it! Stop the “woe is me” and learn to actually get into the game a bit. You are NOT the only person playing the game, and the developers put in the event as a story arc, not as a personal attack against you.

But, as Tobold says, this is why WAR will never have 10 million subscribers. While I hope we’re both wrong with that statement, I don’t think we are. PvP is a major turn off for some people (particularly the losers). With WAR being such a PvP-centric game, where you have the potential to be kicked out of your city for DAYS, some of these WoW QQers would never last. Most people don’t have the patience to wait 3 minutes for a respawn on the Flight Master or trainers, imagine not being able to access your home city for a week. They would simply keel over and die.


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