One Word: VOTE!

I’m not going to get too politcal on this blog and plan on mainly focusing on games, but as everyone knows, Tuesday is an important day here in America. If you haven’t already voted early, I urge everyone to get out and Vote on November 4th.

I will be voting for Barack Obama, and as much as I would love everyone else to as well, I don’t care who you vote for, JUST VOTE. Let’s let your voice be heard and make every vote matter.

Yes, our electoral college system is horrid, and it is possible to win the popular vote and still lose an election (see 2000), but the only way to eventually get the system fixed, is to show that we, as voters, are well informed and can decide for ourselves who we want to lead. The E.C. was created when the normal person was not informed about politics and had elected someone to make the choice for them. This is not the case anymore. Let your voice be heard on Tuesday, November 4th, and let’s start a change for the better in our country.


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