So, I’ve been in a weird gaming mood lately. Shortly after finishing off Fallout 3, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to play. There’s so many games out there, and I’m on a burnout of all of my regulars.

I decided to first hop into a game world I had not visited in a bit: the lands of Stormreach in Dungeons and Dragons Online. I have not played since launch and was pleasantly surprised to actually find myself getting into the game. I’ve joined up with a couple of RL friends and plan to have DDO nights with them. I’m currently a level 2.5 monk in training.

Of course, there was one game I could not get away from…and that game is World of Warcraft. With the launch of Wrath of the Lich King, I was drawn back into the lands of Azeroth. Before vising the lands of Nothrend though, I felt it appropriate to fuel my Altaholism and create a Death Knight. Talk about a fun class. Blizzard has hit the nail on the head with the DKs. They’re fun to play and their lore is amazing. Nice job.

Later I logged into my Dranae Priest and head over to the Borean Tundra. I pulled into the docks of Valor Keep (sounds an aweful lot like Honor Hold, but I digress…). So far I’ve gained a level and a half and am really enjoying the new zones. Although I took a run at the Nexus with some friends and I must say that the respawning plants suck…they suck hard…All I can say is Payback’s a Bitch.


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