And Now He Cares?

So, according to a recent news article, a 15 year old boy collapsed after a two day WoW binge.

NOW his father says he’s going to monitor his computer use closer and make sure he doesn’t play too much. So, what I get from this is that it took his son ALMOST DIEING for the father to pay attention? How horrible of a parent can you be? This is the perfect example of a parent who throws money, cars, and computers at their kids in order to keep them out of their hair.

Did we not learn anything from Columbine or other horror stories? It wasn’t games and music that causes incidents like that, it’s the parents. I don’t care what anyone says about what kind of pop-culture influences were being referenced or were the supposed cause, negligent parents are to blame.

Hell, if I started playing games for too long when I was younger, my mom would stand there yelling until she was blue in the face until I got up and went outside or did something else. It showed she cared. This kids dad (and others out there) need to grow a fucking set of balls and show an interest in what their kids are doing. Don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll get thrown around that this incident was the fault of Blizzard and WoW, and not the true parties that are to blame.

This also reminds me of the boy who commited suicide years ago over Everquest. The mom tried to sue Sony and the media played it off as it being Sony’s fault for making such an addicting game. They failed to mention in most articles that the boy had serious social problems and was clinically depressed and bi-polar (if I remember the whole incident correctly, it’s been a while). And where was the mom in that? No where to be found, she parked him at the computer and only cared once he was dead. And even then she was just looking to make a buck off of her son’s death…what she needed (and this father needs) is to take a long look in the mirror.

I have an idea…how about requiring a liscense to reproduce…if your too stupid to know you have to actually do some work in raising your children, you’re not allowed to have kids…dumbasses…

/end rant


3 Responses to “And Now He Cares?”

  1. Excellent rant, I agree 100%!!

  2. Hi JMO how would you like to discuss this article on the next show? Saylah from Mystic Worlds is already scheduled to do a section about apothacary in Warhammer. I think this would make a great subject.


  3. Greeblee Says:


    Ok… I’m not a huge blog reader, but I read this based on the NPNM GGroup post ” to read it”…

    I have to reply…

    First! I appreciate how strongly you feel about this poor players situation, and the fact that his father is going to give his play habits more attention in the future. However, Its just hard for me to place all the fault on the father. As a teen I have to admit I would have freaked out and fought my folks tooth and nail if they tried to interfere with the fun I was having with my friends. I relate this to this boy based on the fact that times are different, and his hobby of choice might be an MMO, But I can remember many a lost weekend trapped in a friends basement for 2-3 days strait eating nothing but ice tea and pretzels, just to play through a recent published box set of Dungeons and Dragons. Passing out was par for the course… and when you did you were sure to wake up with ice cubes down the back of your shirt… But I had a blast!

    Now-a-days I’m a Dad… I admit my kid is only 5, going on 30. But I can allready feel the need to back off and let her do her own thing and trust her. It’s not easy. I work from home and have served as a stay at home dad for her since she was born. When she got on that school bus for the first time this last August it broke my heart. I had to trust that she could take care of herself and she didn’t need me. Other times she wants to run around the neighborhood with the other kids, and I can’t chase her around like we are attacted at the hip. I have to trust her, that she wont go too far and the kids she plays with wont hurt her. And then there are the times she likes to play quietly in her room. She sometimes spends hours watching herself in the mirror as she sings and dances to her kids bop cd’s. Other times quietly having “high-fashion” adventures with her Barbie dolls. ( She’s getting a doll house for Christmas, I doubt she’ll come out of her room till new years. )

    My point is Allthough, yes!, Probably his parents should have been checking on him a little more, I find it hard to blame them for His black out. He was 15… He needs to accept a little of this blame. A 15 is a young adult. He knows to eat when he’s hungry. He knows to sleep when he’s tired. Is WoW a seductive mistress that can lure a player to spend entirely too much of their life playing a game? Yeah!

    Yes this Parent is saying that they will be giving their child’s hobbies more attention, due to his recent health episode. Of course they are. But I’ll put money on the fact that 6 months from now that Boy will be argueing for his parents to back off and leave him alone.

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