Another One Bites the Dust

While it may not be new news to some of you, NCSoft announced yesterday that it will be closing down its’ game Tabula Rasa. With Richard Garriot’s departure from the company earlier this month, it has not come as much of a surprise to most of the gaming community.

I feel they are being completely rediculous with this decision. While the game is only currently toting about 17,000 subscibers, it is bringing in a net revenue of about $3 million a year. I have an idea, instead of shutting it down, sell it (or hell, give it to me! =p). I’m sure that there are plenty of small, private companies who would love to work on and expand this game for $3 million a year. They may even be able to build up subscribers.

In my opinion, NCSoft needs to take a page out of Sony’s book. Sony has declared tha they will never shut down a game as long as there are players playing it and those players are bringing in enough revenue to pay for the servers. I highly doubt that Tabula Rasa costs a heft $3 million for upkeep. I truly feel they are not only pissing off 17,000 (and potentially more) subscribers, they are making a huge mistake.


One Response to “Another One Bites the Dust”

  1. I’m pretty sad about this. Not just because I hosted Tabulacast but I really like the game, closing it is harsh especially if it is still bringing in money enough to pay staff.

    If ncsoft had an all access pass would we stop seeing games die?

    Dungeon runners next?

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