More EVE

I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to figure out EVE, and I must say it is by far the most complex game I have ever played. Ironically though, I like it.

EVE brings me back almost 10 years to when I first logged into the lands of Norrath in Everquest. There were no handouts, and the “MMOs on Easy Mode” of today did not exist. I’ve learned about training skills now, so I have that down, and have even been working on a plan for my characters development. But I’m still a total newb in most other areas.

Any pointers are welcome!


4 Responses to “More EVE”

  1. Captain Politics Says:

    Hello !

    Welcome to Eve. Eve can be pretty overwhelming at first. Here is a few places that you really should check out. First of all, get the program Eve Mon essential when planning skills:

    Get eve fitting tool:

    THis will help you fit you ship.

    Join a corp that fits your play stile or join the Eve University they help out new players a lot.

    Get you basic learning skills trained up first, in the long run this will give you back big time.

    Don’t go to low sec before you are skilled up for it ! You will get ganked.

    Hit me up in game with any questions

    Best regards

    Captain Politics

  2. rocwieler Says:

    Stick with it, it’s the most rewarding gaming experience you may ever experience.

  3. Thanks for the tips guys! Keep ’em coming!

    I’m honestly having fun trying to figure all of this out. And EVEMon is great as well. Thanks for the link.

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