A Step in the Right Direction

As most of you who read my blog already know, I like to keep up to date on MMO News and Happenings. Well, an interesting story hit the blogosphere over the past day or two that really got me thinking. If Cyan can do it, why not other companies.

If you don’t like to click links and wonder what the hell I’m talking about, Cyan Worlds, who own the Myst IP, have completely open-sourced Myst Online. Now, I’ve never played Myst Online, but I have played the entire Myst series of games, and loved every mind-wrenching minute of them.  But I’m more concerned with the possibilites of what this information and source code may have on the MMO World.

Since Cyan Worlds is willing to open source their project, maybe other companies will follow suit. And while Myst Online is a dying game, of sorts, it has a very dedicated fanbase which is what is keeping their one remaining server alive. With users now able to make content for the game, I can definitely see a spike in their server population coming soon, as well as a whole bunch of user run servers.

Open sourcing has always been a touchy subject amongst developers. This is mostly due to the fact that once a source code is widely available, it doesn’t take long for someone looking to make a buck for someone else’s work comes along. This was a major pitfall in the MQ2 community. MQ2 (which I’ll go into more detail in another post about what it is and how I know about it) source code was being stolen left and right at one point and people were selling the work of others for $300-$400 a pop, and more, making hundreds of thousands of dollars from not doing a single bit of their own work.

Who knows what will happen with this information,  I hope it turns out for the better, and that other companies can follow suit and really help start a new era of MMOs.


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