It’s That Time Again

I went to check my e-mail tonight and found this nifty little message there:

Important Information Regarding Your EverQuest® Account

New Worlds of Adventure

On January 21, 2009, EQ will be consolidating “The Combine” server and “Druzzil Ro (Tarew Marr)” server into one server to be titled “Druzzil Ro (Tarew Marr, Combine).” The merge will begin at 3 a.m. PST and will last approximately five hours.

In addition, in conjunction with the upcoming EQ 10th Anniversary celebration, SOE is expecting to add a new EQ server in March 2009 and players will be able to vote on a new server type. To provide your input on the type of server you’d like, visit in January.

We hope that these changes will provide players with an even more enjoyable EQ experience.

It seems it would be that time again. Everquests servers aren’t quite as popular as they once were, even less so since the last merger. I’ve barely touched Everquest in the past year, but one fo the main reasons I left is that when my core group wasn’t on, I could spend hours, and I mean hours, just sitting in the Guild Hall with LFG up. I think Sony really needs to look just beyond these two servers and start across the board mergers. It would definitely pick up morale.

Who knows though, maybe they already have it planned. I remember Everquest back in its’ hayday where you would find no less than 350-400 players congregated in the Plane of Knowledge at any given time, day or night. It would seem we will never see those times again. How unfortunate for the game that truly started it all.


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