How in the Hell….

I’ve always been a sucker for news articles that bring out the overall stupidity of parts of humanity. Out of everything I’ve read recently, this one takes the cake!

There are a whole lot of people out there who have been bent over and …you get the point… on a RMT (Real Money Trading) scam, me being one of them. Mine was a problem with IGE and they eventually gave me my money back. That was also the last time I’ve ever tried to dig into the Gold Selling world. Luckily for me, I got my money back through PayPal. Our Danish friend in the massively article was not so lucky.

If you don’t feel like reading about this ignoramous, I will sum it up here for you:

Dumbass (Danish douch…err…dude…) decides he wants to buy ISK (Inter Stellar Kredits) in EVE with real life money.

Dumbass sees channel spam for an ISK seller.

Dumbass proceeds to the listed website.

Website owners smell blood and say “Give us $19,000 and we’ll give you ISK” (Did I mention ISK is IN GAME MONEY ONLY?! IT HAS NO VALUE IN THE REAL WORLD!!!!!)

Dumbass avoids all possible warning signs and, yes, the #@*$&#&#* hands over $19,000 in Danish currency through PayPal. (…)(words and symbols just aren’t enough)

Dumbass waits a bit and never receives currency.

Dumbass tries to sue said company, and loses. Case closed.

The stupidity of people amazes me. This man throws down half of my annual salary for fake money, and loses it! Would the amount of $19,000 set of some kind of warning bells somewhere? Seriously? SERIOUSLY? What the hell was he thinking?! OF COURSE IT WAS A SCAM! That’s just as bad, IF NOT WORSE, than falling for one of the godforsaken “You’ve Won the UK Lottery, but please give me your bank account so I can “wire” you the money from Africa” e-mails.

I’ve got an idea! If you’ve got $19,000 just burning a hole in your pocket, send it to me. That’s right, me. I can’t promise you any in game money or any kind of real life return of any sort. But if you’re willing to just take a risk on buying “Monopoly Money” of sorts, I can promise I’ll use the money to pay off my student loans, at least you would know that it wasn’t going to line some random scammers pocket!

All joking aside, What The F…!

And yes, I’m making a resolution to keep this blog as clean as possible from now on, and it was really @#$&@&# hard after reading that article!


*grumbles and smacks forehead*


One Response to “How in the Hell….”

  1. 19k …..WTF

    Is there no sense of value there at all?….sigh

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