Nothing is as Good as Your First

No, that’s not some reference to sex. I’m talking about that first true MMO love. Everyone in the MMO world came into it because of one game. Most of us end up playing that game for years, finally getting tired of it and try to move on to the next big thing. The problem is, that next MMO never really feels the same as the first. In fact, it just can’t quench that thirst like the first game could. So we move on and try another…and another…and another, eventually becoming MMO nomads.

I know I can’t be the only one that feels this way. Ever since I gave up Everquest about two years ago, I’ve been game hopping. Free to play, pay to play, or somewhere in the middle, it just doesn’t matter. I’ve never truly felt as satisfied as I did in EQ. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of games have come close, but it seems the more games I try, the less I’m able to actually stick with them on a consistent basis. All of my pondering on this subject came to a head today when some weird synapse in my brain shot off, and told me it would be a good idea to resubscribe to EQ.

That’s right. I took the plunge. I went crawling back to my ex with my tail between my legs. Or at least it felt that way. As I was downloading the latest patches, I was sort of regretting the decision. I couldn’t believe I’d done something that I had sworn off such a long time ago. That feeling was thrown quickly by the wayside, though, when that oh-so-familiar loading screen music started playing. Anyone who’s played EQ knows what I’m talking about. That tune is like a seductive mistress whispering poison into her victims’ ear. What a sweet melody it is.

I found myself in the throes of passi…err…battle for hours. What a triumphant return it was. Friends came out of the woodwork and welcomed me with open arms. We spent a great amount of time catching up and sharing stories…something that has NEVER happened to me in any other game I’ve played. I would be lucky to have even one person that I’ve met in WoW treat me with this kind of reception. This all goes back to my post from earlier this week about the dieing aspect of community and camaraderie in games. I’ve never had such meaningful friendships form in any other MMO. In EQ we relied on each other for day to day survival; there was no soloing to the level cap. I have to admit, the reception felt good…really good.  I literally had people sending me tells until I logged off for the evening.

After the glistening light started fading, and began snapping back to reality. I spent quite a few hours in game today and one thing was definitely apparant: the reasons that I had left in the first place were still relevant. The question I have to ask myself over the coming month as my sub winds down is “does the good outweigh the bad.” I can’t lie to myself and say I didn’t have a good time. That would be doing me a disservice. But with Rift coming out in March, and TOR later this year, am I really ready and willing to devote the time and effort it will take to get myself caught up to max level in EQ, and start raiding again in order to make my character truly relevant again gear-wise. These are things I have to think about, but I’m definitely heading to bed with a smile on my face tonight…it was like the almost like the first time all over again…umm…in Everquest that is…


3 Responses to “Nothing is as Good as Your First”

  1. Ducot Says:

    Great post. I know what you mean. I never found another game like EverQuest. I miss it and think about it all the time. I don’t game anymore, but I serf the internet to read stories about EQ. Though I really can’t play it anymore……Family and work. I enjoy reading about it. But only old EQ. I really miss it. I never had any friends like I had in EQ. I miss them.

  2. Krondar Says:

    Love this post. I love EQ too, and found EQemulator fills the void just right. I play on a live like server called EQTitan and hey the devs there actually fix stuff you post bugged.
    Look me up if you come there name is Krondar, willing to give a helping hand to start you off.

  3. Edward Hutchinson Says:

    Wow… I just stumbled across this post. I saw a video regarding EQ Next and after spending the last few days digging up all the info I could on this next generation of gaming, I started looking into whether the original EQ was relevant anymore. I started gaming about 3-6 months after EQ was released. I printed so many maps and collected so much crap and it just became so overwhelming! And that’s what I miss. lol. When I look back at my first 8 years of gaming, I cannot believe that everything I came to dislike about the game, were the things I thought about and missed the most. I played EQII for about 3.5 years and while it was truly magnificent, I missed EQ. I also played many, many, MANY MMO’s since and I just cannot stop comparing each and every one of them to the things embedded in my heart and brain by the original EQ. Kinda like hearing that song from the 80’s that reminds you of a certain situation or time and place that were so awesome that you miss and can never get back. I can’t wait to get to EC to do some trading and merchandising…. That’s what I’ll remember most. EC and all my death runs to get there. I may delve back in again one day, but not today unfortunately. I think I understand now that it doesn’t matter whether anyone else thinks EQ is relevant anymore, it matters whether I still find it relevant and I can honestly say… It will ALWAYS be relevant to me.

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